William Dawson

Multi-Instrumentalist / Educator

UKULELE_Final Cover.jpg

     This book is for music teachers & music therapists who are looking for an effective and efficient way to quickly get people playing music. Includes 55 songs featuring Children’s, Folk, Spiritual, Holiday, and Spanish language songs. Students of all ages and abilities can quickly and successfully engage in music using this method.



William's ukulele program has revolutionized the way we think about teaching music.  At Arts For Life, we believe it's important to help kids set and achieve goals, and with this color-coded program, it's easy, fast, and fun to help children get to a point where they're playing recognizable tunes!  We also love that it's educational for kids, and opens the door to learning more about the ukulele and making music. 

Rachel Zink
Arts For Life
Executive Director

The beauty of the color-coded ukulele program is that a person with minimal to no musical training can be playing the ukulele in a few minutes.  After learning how to hold the chords down, and where the colors are the students are playing the ukulele with ease.  The program takes away the need to read sheet music and helps kids learn to play the chords of songs as they read the lyrics.  I have seen how children in the hospital light up as they realize they are actually playing the ukulele and can do so with any song in the color-coded book.  Making a child in a hospital setting feel good is a goal of most medical teams, and this is one way that children can be happy and feel a sense of success while hospitalized. 

Michaella Levandoski
University of North Carolina Hospital
Hospital School Teacher