William Dawson

Multi-Instrumentalist / Educator

Recording Credits

Elvis Costello & The Imposters (Assistant Engineer)

The Hives (Engineer)

Squirrel Nut Zippers (Alto Saxophone/Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals) 

The Blueskins (Engineer/Piano)

Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band (Engineer)

Heinz Tomato Ketchup UK Commercial  (Engineer)

Lil’ Bush Comedy Central Series (Vocals)        

Patrick Sweany (Engineer/Mixing/Piano/Wurlitzer)

John Sinclair (Engineer/Mixing)

Katharine Whalen & Her Fascinators (Bass, Piano, Vibraphone, Guitar)

The Burnside Exploration (Engineer/Mixing)

David Kimbrough Jr (Engineer)

Duwayne Burnside (Engineer)

Jelly Roll Allstars (Engineer)

The Tearjerkers (Engineer/Piano)

Black Diamond Heavies (Engineer)

Markus James (Engineer)

Barrett Anderson (Engineer/Piano/Wurlitzer)

Super Chikan (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Guitar/Keyboards)

Lynn Cardona (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Guitar/Accordion)

Eric Deaton (Engineer/Mixing/Keyboards)

Jimbo Mathus (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Wurltizer/Piano)

Big George Brock (Engineer/Mixing)

Tate Moore (Engineer/Mixing)

Blues Caravan (Engineer/Mixing)

Derrick Freeman (Engineer)

Lynn Drury (Banjo)

Kenny Brown & Troels Jensen (Engineer)

Plywood Doghouse (Producer/Engineer/Mixing)

Sons of the Delta (Producer/Engineer/Mixing)

Paul Morelli (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Guitar/Tenor Banjo)

Afrissippi/Guele Kumba (Engineer/Mixing)

Ken Hart (Engineer/Mixing/Vocals)

Floyd Lee (Engineer)

Mr Richard (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Tenor Banjo)

Chris Cotton (Engineer)

Eli "Paperboy" Reed (Engineer)

Elum McKnight (Engineer/Mixing)

LC Ulmer (Engineer)

Nate Myers & The Aces (Mixing)

Johnny Roy & The Rubtones (Engineer/Mixing)

T Model Ford (Mixing)

Lightnin Malcolm (Engineer/Mixing/Drums/Accordion)

Mr Tater (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Drums/Piano/Bass/Guitar)

Scott Simpson (Producer/Drums/Guitar/Banjo/Accordion)

Sonny Burgess (Engineer/Mixing)

Sir Prizefighter (Producer/Engineer/Mixing)

Subscribers (Producer/Engineer)

Pat Thomas (Engineer)

CCC Gospel (Engineer/Mixing)

Sugar Farm (Engineer)

Mike Meyers (Engineer)

Angelo Rossi (Engineer)

Simple Assault (Engineer/Mixing)

Ruby Jane Smith (Engineer/Mixing)

Ground Zero (Mixing)

Blues at Red’s (Engineer/Mixing)

Saddle Tramp (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Mandolin)

Trainwreck (Engineer)

Adam Wittacker Band (Producer/Engineer/Mixing)

Taylor Mewes (Engineer/Mixing)

D-Rock  (Engineer/Mixing)

Bakelite 78 (Engineer/Mixing/Vocals)

King Clerance (Mixing)

King Louie (Engineer/Mixing)


National Public Radio "Toast of the Nation" (Technical Assistant)


Featured in MIX Magazine, March 2005